ALS Consult update

Making a difference using psychology in the business community. The BPS Influencing Business Working Group has been created to enhance how organisations and psychologists work together. The group aims to:

  • understand the issues that psychology can solve for business and provide practical solutions forthese
  • communicate more broadly to the business community: increasing understanding about what Occupational/Business Psychology is, and the significant impact that can be made by using the principles of psuchology in the workplace
  • increase the relationships between the psychology and the business community.

Always keen to take the commerical perspective, Amy is on the IBWG committee. If you have any thooughts and ideas about actions and ideas the committee should consider, please email Amy on

Amy is proud to be on the ABP 2013 Conference team

As well as working as a volunteer supporting the ABP to increase its membership and membership benefits, Amy is also working on the Conference Committee. The ABP is the Association of Business Psychologists, and Amy is a Princial Member.

In the last six months...

ALS Consult has worked with organisations running assessment events in the Financial Services sector, for Housing Associations and for areas of Government.