Recruitment: the right assessment process saves you time and money

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ALS Consult helps organisations Recruit and Retain the Right people

  • We can be as involved (or not) as you need.
  • We can do everything for you: conducting a job analysis, designing the process, providing assessors, running assessment events to providing feedback to candidates.
  • Or, you can chose which elements you would like support with. Perhaps you would like us to review an existing process you have, or maybe you would like us to train you own internal assessors.

It's completely up to you.


If you work with us we will


  • Remove the pain of the recruitment process
  • Save your time by taking on as much or as little of the project as you like
  • Make your recruitment cost efficient


We will do this by


  • Using our experience of assessment centre design and delivery to make it simple
  • Working collaboratively with you, we can take it all off your hands or just the bits you need support with
  • Taking into account the volumes of candidates you have applying. If you have too many, we will build in stages before the face to face interviews as we understand that these are the most expensive elements. If you have too few, a single stage process may be more appropriate.
    • The process we create takes both your financial and business needs into account.

Or you can do it on

What's the big deal about a robust recuitment process?

You may have heard, or maybe even experienced, the horror stories of wrong recruitment decisions: new recruits disrupting an otherwise functioning team, not being able to deliver on promises they made at interview, or leaving after a month to name but a few.


What does this mean to you?

Unnecessary cost to your business in terms of your time, money and productivity, let alone the impact it could have on staff morale.


What can you do about it?

You can manage the process yourself, or you can call ALS Consult discuss how we can support you


If you opt to manage the process yourself the first step is to understand what skills you are looking for in the successful candidate. Next you need a process that can identify people with the right set of skills. A consistent scoring criteria will allow you to make the right decisions, and an objective process guards against legal challenge.


You also need assessors who understand the process and their impact on it. Many people new to assessing tend to recruit people like them, resulting in an organisation filled with the same 'type' of people. They all think in a similar way. They all respond to challenges in the same way. How does this give the organisation the flexibilty to survive in these challenging times? The short answer is 'It doesn't'. The assessor briefing process is as important as the process itself.


You can put all this in place yourself, or you can call ALS Consult.