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Amy Sutton is the Founder and Director of ALS Consult. She started the business to help organisations recruit and retain the right people. She is an Occupational Psychologist, bringing her expertise of psychology to the workplace.


'Work is about people. Understanding 'people' leads to significant benefits in businesses: from making teams more effective, to increasing the efficiency of processes (run by people); or finding the right match between individuals and roles to enhance performance and well-being. The list is endless.'


Psychology is key in recruitment decisions: is the candidate able to make fast accurate decisions; can the candidate inspire and lead others, does the candidate have the roght attention to detail?


The requirements are often complex, but at ALS Consult we believe that getting the right people in role doesn't have to be difficult.  We create bespoke solutions for organisations with both large scale and small recruitment needs. We also support organisations developing their staff, but getting the right people through the door is the first step.

Amy Sutton

As a psychologist, Amy's insight about people means she makes a difference in organisations. She has worked with a public sector client embarking on a culture change management programme. Her guidance ensured an effective approach and meant employee engagement was high. The client understands its current culture, so can make the right decisions about which interventions to implement.

As a project manager, Amy saved one organisation ca £10K in training costs. Adapting their graduate recruitment process to reduce the pool of business assessors needed meant less people to be trained, and ca 2 months fewer business days dedicated to the process.

Amy also makes a difference to individuals. A coaching client wanted to improve their time management. Amy helped the individual to generate and decide on appropriate strategies, which resulted in increased deadlines met, and more productive interactions with colleagues.

When working with clients, whether organisations or individuals, Amy explores their need so that the optimal solution for the presenting issue can be identified. Amy encourages collaborative working throughout the duration of the projects, and evaluates projects as a basis for continual improvement.

Amy is a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, registered with the Health Professionals Council (HPC).

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